June 05, 2009

I'm Dreaming of Ice Cream and Kissing in the Rain

Coco Rocha image via FFFFound!

Happy Friday. Think of the things that make you happy, and then do them.


June 01, 2009

...and then my heart went BOOM BOOM BOOM.

At first glance this photo made me blush. In about 5 seconds my heart started beating a little faster... maybe because it also reminds me of these CL for Rodarte spike stilettos. One part Punk + One part Couture = Pure Sex.

One thing is that I don't do the Loubie. Nope, they don't fit me. Thank God? Maybe.....but give me a leather punch, a handful of screw-back spikes and about 20 mins and I have my greedy little paws on my own version. A quick fix.... faster than you can say pussycat. Does that mean I'm a good girl gone bad?

You'll only know if you're lucky.
Love. C.

Balmain + Givenchy = ♥

Dear God. Please send me this outfit for my birthday. I know its 6 months away. I just thought you might like a heads up. Thanks, I'll try to be good until then.

image via ShoeLust

Next Sunday I am going to confession to ask forgiveness for my unhealthy obsession with thigh high boots. (did you hear that God?)