February 27, 2009

As Promised.....

I just got back from a fabulous time with TB!!! SO much fun that we can only do it in regimented periods of time or else we would explode with joy. I love miss Brando.... so much! You know when you are with someone who just GETS you? That's how it is with Tris....so good, so inspirational, so. much. fun.

Anyways, as promised my outfit post! First one! Don't make fun of me (yet) I promise I will get better at this! I just downed two apple turnovers so I'm a little high on the sugar....

Ahhhh here are my Givenchys - They are surprisingly comfortable despite the ridiculous pitch. I had to get the 39.5 even though "really" I am an american 8-1/2. All those fancy Euro shoes are much smaller than you would imagine. I almost got the brown lace-ups but they only had 39 boooo.

Now for the outfit - I went out for drinks and dinner nearby....

Leather Thriller Jacket/Vintage, AA Matte Latex Leggings, Destroyed T-shirt Stolen From a Boy/Olmar and MIRTA, Candace Ang Jewelry, Skull Leather Cuff/Hell's Angel in Soho, Vintage Bracelets, Peep Toe Booties/Givenchy

When She's Good She's Good (When She's Bad She's Better)

Ohhhhh, its Friday! I was sitting in the dreaded waiting room at the DMV this afternoon (can you believe they're not open on the weekend?) to get my DL renewed when I got the BEST phone call! It was M. at Diavolina calling me to say my Givenchy's went on SALE. Oh dear... I have been drooling over these babies for a while now and while there are newer bodies in the same silhouette (the SS09 LACE version) I knew these booties were meant for my feet when a) they are grey and black (pretty much the only colors I wear and b) they only had ONE pair in the store and they were my size (a ginormous 9.5 fellas!!). So when M. called I was there faster than you could say "Ricardo I Looooooove You" (Givenchy mastermind Ricardo Tisci that is).

I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! check them out - the heel is gorgeous and they are oh so robotic and almost hoof like! I know that's not sexy sounding but believe me these shoes are hot. They are more booties I suppose but the open toe really adds an edge and lightens them up on the foot so as to balance out the chunky wedge.

Funny, when I was trying them on I head a small voice calling me. It was a pretty, sweet voice, barely audible above the girls talking and the music....the voice was saying "Candace....look over here....I need you to take me home" oh, that sweet sound! It was coming from the spike heel/snake skin/ridiculously sexy Chloes over on the other side of the store! Oh, so needless to say, they came home with me as well. I can't find a pic of them on the net so I promise, outfit posts soon!

What are your weekend plans? I'm heading over to pick up TB from LeBlahg for some girlie time and happy hour!

Have a Happy Friday!

February 26, 2009


Ok, I'm still a little shy with the outfit posts...only because I haven't dressed up much these days! Been holed up in the bat cave making new jewelry! It will be well worth the wait though ;)

Here is an oldie but a goodie. Taken by Andrea Grant in Chelsea right after New York Market...circa 2005??


Jacket/Top Shop, Green Silk Skirt/Vintage, Chiffon Tank/BCBG, Zipper Boots/BCBG, Suede Tote/Club Monaco, Silk Chiffon Beaded Necklaces/Candace Ang.

February 25, 2009


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How About My Own Robot Necklace????

I so covet that Robot necklace from my last post - I love the collar shape! I made my own shimmery concoction from my Ruffian Collection for SS09 and it was featured in the MARCH 2009 issue of INSTYLE! How cool? Check it out!

This Silk Ruffian bib with studs and crystals will be perfect for my next robo-couture outfit! You can get it HERE on my webstore @ www.CandaceAng.com Have you seen any cool styles that would fit in with my obsession for robo-fashion??

Happy Wednesday!

February 24, 2009

Dear Lord, Please Make Me A Robot In My Next Life....

There are a handful things that I truly covet right now; Jennifer Connelly's eye brows, THESE Givenchy Shoes, and the ultimate desire would be to be a ROBOT - robot wardrobe and all! Oh, its hard to explain, but I just keep on seeing robot references everywhere. I was especially excited to pick up the new ELLE for March 2009 and notice that all the editorials are surprisingly fresh. I hardly read paper mags anymore but usually Elle has some nice market pages. But I was struck when I got to page 348 and Richard Bush's "Everything Is Illuminated" photoshoot with Dewi. Soooo cute: Photos from tFS

I LOVE the custom robot collar by Johanne Mills. Even better would be this helmet that I found on FFFFound! Does anyone know where to get one?

The best I could find was the Optimus Prime one - which I think I will pick up anyways just to play with the voice over machine! You can make your voice into a robot voice....hahahah how cool is that? Yes, I am dorky! I know....

And now my friends, I leave you with this: My Favorite Band of ALL TIME + Possibly one of the best movies EVER!!!!! = DM+TRON=<3


February 20, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi there long time no see! Welcome to my new blog! I have been offline for a little while getting the temporary website for WWW.CANDACEANG.COM up and running. There have been a lot of changes around these here parts and you will be privy to all of them very soon! So watch this space! I hope share a little bit of my world with you....

I don't have a cool picture of anything right now so here's a cute bunny to distract you!


In the meantime check out the blog for my brand new showroom in New York! W29 Showroom represents my jewelry nationwide as well as several uber cool designers that you all should be on the lookout for; PYT jewelry and Rodebjer clothing just to name a couple of them! The cool kids there are blogging all this week for Fashion Week in NYC and all the fun stuff that they do around the city.... check out THE W29 BLOG