May 31, 2009

Terry Richardson for French Vogue

Normally I am not a huge Terry Richardson fan - those endless shots of sweaty, bored hipsters always come to mind. But this shoot he did for the June/July 2009 issue of French Vogue definitely caught my eye. Richardson captures moments, and instead of hipsters, he crystallized the feelings of joy and love in the City of Lights, styled by the one and only Emanuelle Alt. (click photos to enlarge)

I love the legs and stockings and how sexy and happy this shoot is. I'd give my first born for legs like those! Plus, I'm really into all the lace and men's shirts. Who wouldn't be happy kissing in Paris right now?
I'm happy kissing anywhere......:)

While planning our shoot for next week I really want to convey to the photographer that I want it to be intimate but also JOYFUL. I think there has been a lack of joy on fashion for the past few years. I have always loved gothy, moody editorials (Paolo Roversi is ♥) but somehow I am craving something fresh... Let's see what we can come up with!

Have a beautiful Sunday

Saturday Nights Alright

Los Angeles, Saturday 12:48 am. About six hours ago I started making this dress right after polishing of an incredibly tasty chicken burger. Ha. I have to go to a black tie wedding reception a couple of weekends from now and I dunno what happened - I just decided to make a dress. Between chatting on the phone and putting around the house (baking cookies no less!) I finished this silk crepe gown, hem and all!

Couture Candace Ang Silk Crepe Gown, Wing Necklace from Resort 2009, and YSL patent heels

Of course I'm so tired that this is a really blurry pic but I didn't want to show EVERYTHING until the event. The cool thing about this dress is that its convertible, it can be worn draped as shown (very Grecian, Vivienne Westwood) or it can be worn loose like a Lanvin number. I was so frustrated shopping for gowns because everything out there is SO ugly! Especially if you don't want to pay over $1000 for a dress that you are really only going to wear once! I tried it on with my new YSL tributes in black patent leather which you probably can't see in my blurry pic and a new necklace from my Resort Collection - it looks like my hair but that black is actually feathers....

Ok I had better sleep! I think I am the only one in the city not out tonight but I kinda like it. Hope that you had a great start to your weekend!


May 30, 2009

Never Bored. Never Being Boring.

Would you wear these out to dinner?

I would.

May 29, 2009

Happy Friday, there's a bear in your toast.

I love Fridays! Today started with ALOT of coffee and I made my favorite french toast with baby Brioche bread and raspberries! It seems like we ran out of maple syrup but a dollop of raspberry jam did the trick! Problem is, when you get the jam out the bears come out too. Oh well, he wasn't too much of a bother....I always make too much food anyways!

Candy's Brioche French Toast

1 small brioche (or your favorite bread)
3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 pat of butter
1/2 cup raspberries (sub bananas, or any other fruit)
icing sugar, cinnamon (if desired)
3 table spoons raspberry jam or maple syrup

Slice brioche into 3/4" slices and set aside. In a small bowl beat eggs and gradually add milk until mixed together. Dip slices of brioche in egg mixture until well coated. Heat frying pan on medium and add butter. Before butter gets too brown add slices of brioche and cook until browned on both sides. Arrange on plate and add fruit and jam! Sprinkle with icing sugar to taste or cinnamon. Beware of wandering bears as they will like to join in your feast....

After breakfast it was off to location scouting with JVDF for the upcoming AW2009 photoshoot! We found the most amazing loft to shoot in! Its in downtown LA in an area I didn't even know existed. The loft is huge and is owned by a fantastic new painter whose beautiful work is everywhere throughout. My good friend Lisa Aharon is flying in to do the makeup and just hang in LA for the weekend. The most fun is when you are working with fellow artists and friends and together you can make something AMAZING! Off to another meeting....hope that you all have a great weekend!


May 28, 2009

Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.

These are my favorite flower and they only bloom in May! So beautiful, dramatic and feminine....I put them in vintage mason jars and milk jugs, a simple alternative to vases and way cooler I think! These are all over the studio now making me smile and filling the air with sweet perfume. :)

There is so much to do this week but I am getting really excited about it all. Tonight I'm meeting with the photographer for our shoot and tomorrow another meeting with a designer friend for a cool collaboration we are doing for SS2010! Wow! Time flies....two weeks and I am back in NYC. YAY!


May 27, 2009

I shop only for my first Love - New York....

Funny, when I am in The City I really don't shop at all - even though New York has the best of everything - there's just too much to do/people to see to really stop into stores unless I am visiting clients. I love to shop when I am home in Vancouver (my secret vintage store) and overseas so I can get something special. I also prefer to shop alone, only because I'm super fast - I know what I want when I see it!

Los Angeles is good for one or two things - mainly shoes and jeans. I have been fortunate to know enough friends in FASHION (pronounced FAH-SHON with some attitude and a wink) that I get loads of stuff just given to me or for jewelry trades. So really the clothes in my closet are super simple - tees and jeans, and vintage coats/bags. Of course there are multitudes of Candace Ang accessories and I mix these with vintage and antique jewelry.

I wear these almost everyday: Hand-made leather bracelet from a Hell's Angel biker in Soho, Diesel Men's Watch, Antique Snake Bracelet, Silver Bangle from Bermuda, Cheap Bracelets F21

Candace Ang Cielo Pearl/Silk Necklace - Perfect layered with a white tee...

In this new economy, I don't think people are shopping like they used to for sure. For me its about finding something special. That's why the jewelry I design looks like what it does - I want to create something that is specific to my vision and that you can't get just at any store.

The one underlying factor when I buy anything is "Will I wear it in New York?"- Because if it looks good in New York - it will look good anywhere! Of course, you can't always wear the same things in the city that you would wear in LA or Paris. I have whole closets set aside for things only for the city - Huge vintage Mongolian fur vests and coats, super high heels, crazy hats....anything goes!

Customized Soldiers Hat: H&M, added vintage crest and feathers par moi

That's what I love about dressing up (or down) there - there is a feeling of effortlessness but everyone does care about what they put on and everyone for the most part looks like an individual and super cool. Most other cities (read LA) you will people watch and find imprints of the same outfit over and over again (yawn).

Vintage fur coats (only vintage fur never new!) - cropped mongolian fur jacket from my secret store in Van, reworked leopard jacket with added fox collar originally from Haight street in SF.

To me dressing up is a form of expression, almost like a costume - theatrical, sexy, or just whatever you feel like that day. I don't take it too seriously, but at the same time I take great care putting myself together! Its fun, and also makes it fun for other people. Why look boring or like everyone else?

This weekend I was quickly visiting one of my old clients (Diavolina now on 3rd st) who so happens to also have some of the sickest shoes in the city and fell in love with THESE boots which came in both nude (my favorite all time wardrobe color) and black. OMFG. I whispered quietly to them "you are puuuuuurfect for New York...."

Believe it or not I have been looking for new black over the knee heels. Maybe crazy? No, I have a pair of Steve Madden boots that I wear ALL THE TIME and they are dying so I needed a replacement but its hard to find ones that are just right. The Chloes are a little more refined than I needed for clomping around the city but they didn't have my size in the black - but they did in the NUDE and I just couldn't resist! It is really hard to see in the photo, but the boots are SIIIIICK. Absolutely drop dead amazingly soft leather in the perfect color. Super super sexy but in this color they have a completely different look than black. I know something is good purchase when I wear it right away, and that night I wore them with tight faded jeans and a white t to an art opening. Ahhh, perfect. I'm already picturing them with a flippy mini and tank for the city. Maybe for a hot date? His heart will melt faster than butter on a hot summer day.....


May 26, 2009

Easy does it....

I was booking plane tickets today for some upcoming travel and I can't believe it is ALMOST JUNE! That means 2009 is nearly half way through....amazing! Its been a crazy but monumental year for me (and alot of you I am sure). I am really looking forwards to the next 6 months of 2009; I have a crazy amount of work to do, some play (of course!) and whole bunch of FUN no matter what because I love my job!

June also means summer is officially here (at least in LA it is) and we have been spending a lot of time at the pool and enjoying relaxing weekends with good friends and good food. It seems like its all fun and games but with a hectic schedule its important to keep your routine pretty simple. I keep a few essentials handy in case I have to jump on a plane for work or head into the sun for play!

My top 5 face products these days are:

1) Jergens SPF 20 Lotion - I actually discovered that this lotion is deceptively light for a face lotion with an SPF and has a little tanner in it as well. I have super oily skin (a blessing! a curse!) and can't take too much but no matter what I slather at least an SPF 15 every time I leave the house. The gradual tint it gives is super light and very subtle but gives a nice glow without the harmful rays!

2) Prescriptives Traceless Skin Responsive Tint - Foundation is soooooo 1999! I'm old enough to remember those awful ones of the 90's that were so matte and cakey it was more like wearing a mask than makeup! This is not quite a foundation but gives super sheer coverage. It goes on light and completely disappears, only leaving perfectly fresh skin. It also has an SPF of 8 which is nice! Its been my favorite for the last two years and I don't think I'll give it up any time soon.

3) Cle de Peau Concealer Stick - For those late late New York/Paris/London nights and/or the Red Eye cross country this little baby is a must! Well worth the hefty price tag ($75 bucks ouch!) this little magic stick is the one and only concealer you will EVER need or use again! I got the tip from a makeup artist friend of mine and have turned so many girls onto it you won't believe! It lasts about a year and one tiny little dab will make all dark circles, spots, and anything you wanna hide just GONE!

4) Neutrogena Sunblock Stick - Ok I guess I'm getting a little crazy about the sun protection right? But I actually bought this because the packaging was so cute (its an inch and a half tall! Its pink!) and me with my oily skin, was thinking maybe it will be a little lighter than other sticks at SPF 60? I tried it last week and its lovely! Fresh smelling and super light (forumlated for babies...) and is a perfect touch up right after the pool on your face, lips, and decollete. Gotta keep what you got lookin' good! Some people say - ohhh its your asian skin - and I say noooo it's good genes and ALOT of sunscreen!

5) Philip Kingsley Elasticiser - The crowing glory to your pretty face is shiny, healthy poor locks have been looking less than stellar because of all the salt water (can't resist the pool is heated!) and dry Virgin America planes :( I was going to chop it but instead I prayed for a miracle, and I got one! My friend Noelle gave me this little pot last week and one little treatment brought everything back to life again! No chop chop for me....I'm pretty cheap when it comes to product but again, this will be the best $50 bucks spent because it saves your locks and a $200 dollar trip to the salon. Even better for me because I have to fly about 1500 miles to see my stylist! ahhhhh....

Here's to the best summer ever!
XXX SuperCandy

Long Live The Last Emperor!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic long weekend! My weekend started early with a visit to the indie theater on Sunset to catch a showing of THE VALENTINO MOVIE with my girls. For any lover of fashion, or simply a lover of LIFE this movie is truly inspiring. Poignant and funny, Valentino himself is the star of course but as the film unfolds you see the passion and hard work that it takes to create an establishment as revered and consistent as the house of Valentino Garavani. It is in theaters for a short time so I suggest you go see it! I myself am waiting for the DVD to add to my collection along with another very cool but very different fashion doc. - Lagerfeld Confidential!

Synopsis from the website:

VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR is a feature-length film on the legendary designer Valentino Garavani in the wake of his exit in 2008 from the company he founded in Rome more than 45 years ago. Produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, the film is an intimate, engaging and very funny fly-on-the-wall exploration of the singular world of one of Italy's richest and most famous men. The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of Valentino, his celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life and work, and also explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. But at the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti.

I feel honored to have worn one of his dresses to an event a couple of years ago. To this day it is still the most beautiful dress I have ever worn! The craftmanship was sublime from top to finish and the beauty of the dress is that it was simply a wisp of the finest chiffon and nothing else. No boning, puffs, lace, frills. Just BEAUTY. As Valentino would say "I know what women want - they want to be BEAUTIFUL".....yes, sir you are absolutely right. Here is a photo of that dress - my dear friend SB is also wearing Valentino! Lucky girls.... :)


May 21, 2009

Miley Cyrus in Paris wearing Candace Ang Jewelry!

Check out Miley rockin' out the "Ruffian Volume I" necklace from my Resort 2009 Collection! In stores NOW (Neiman Marcus CUSP Nationwide) and ONLINE at!

I'm working on some stuff for a Teen Vogue shoot right now and another another cool shoot for BUST magazine featuring DIABLO CODY of Juno fame! Should be fun! Looking forward to the weekend and more sunshine - as well as a visit from the lovely JC! Can't wait!

After our AW2009 shoot in a couple of weeks, I'm heading back to NYC and Vancouver for the rest of June....Can't stay in one place for too long! :)

Hope that everyone is having a fantastic week!

May 19, 2009

Inspiration, Manifestation and The Pin-Up Poet!

Hello from Sunny Los Angeles! After a bout with a very persistent cold that followed me from New York I am finally back in action here in LA prepping a new photoshoot for FW2009. No, I did not get the swine but there were a few moments last week when I thought I did! 9 days straight in New York of rain will do it to the best of us! By day four I was deathly ill....but its nothing that a little R&R couldn't fix. I spent the weekend relaxing and recovering by the pool (ok a few margaritas were involved but not too many!)

The other night when I was still quite sick, my friends had invited me to go to the beach with them (which we nixed after we got invited to go HERE for a dip in the new pool). I was getting ready for bed when it popped into my head - "I think I need a new Bikini"...which then turned into NO CANDACE YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SWIM SUIT because there is a pile of them in a suitcase under your bed! As I drifted off the sleep however, the little voice whispered...oh but it would be nice...In the morning I went to visit my neighbor for a coffee and while we were talking she motioned to a bag on the end table and said "I've got this new bikini but it doesn't fit - do you want it?"....and out peeped the CUTEST leopard print blue and purple (my favorite color) number that you have seen! (pictured above!) I took it home to try on and it fit PERFECTLY! The next day I was telling everyone how I had magically manifested this new suit....hahahah. Impressive no?

Isn't the view stunning? Everyone knows I am a city girl but on days like these a little poolside lounging can only be done on the top of Mulholland Drive!

Yesterday and today have been spent gathering inspiration images and this photo of my dear friend Andrea Grant (aka The Pin Up Poet) has always stuck in my head. Its mysterious, romantic, and sensual all at the same time. I love it!

If you get a chance also please check out Andrea's work - she is a writer, model, spoken word artist and also has her own comic book series MINX! Here she is with another dear friend Miss Jessica Ciarla ( Aren't they gorgeous!? I feel blessed to have such creative and beautiful friends! Since we all started our careers we have supported and helped each other along the way. I love you guys.....

Ok gotta get back to work and getting more inspiration for the shoot in two weeks! I'll keep you updated....

~ SuperCandy!

May 15, 2009


My hotter than hot showroom is having a sample sale this weekend! I just left NYC to escape the rain and they pull this one out of a hat! Go stop by and get the coolest stuff before its gone.

Alas, my own line is not going to be on sale as everything is too new BUT check out the flyer below for other mega hot designers....DECOUTURE bags are to DIE for!!!!!!


May 11, 2009

New York Stories

I came back from The City late last night....Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely and utterly in love with New York and every time I go back I am reminded why. People say its the "energy" and I have to agree - the the cumulative spirit that lives in each and every person on that island is something truly unique. From the taxi driver taking me downtown to the coffee shop guy to the people on the streets walking their dogs to all my crazy and creative, ambitious friends...I just love how ALIVE everything is. I know that may sound overly romantic....but hey, its true! I have alot of stories to share about my trip but for now here are some phone pics I took...

Love this Graffiti on Lafayette

Under Brooklyn Bridge

Lady Liberty in the mist....

Where the cool kids are...

The only sunny day was the last

The Little Piglet

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cupcakes

The Chandelier I made that lives in Red Hook now :)

A Small Puppeh in the East Village

This is what I see first thing in the morning

I was craving pancakes ALL WEEK and my beautiful roomie made them for me!

Peonies are my FAVORITE flower (hint hint) and they only bloom in May.....

An even smaller puppeh!

So there's a tiny sneak peek. More to come! Hope that everyone had a great week and a very lovely Mother's day! My mom was so thrilled with the flowers I got her she's been texting me non-stop! ha, super techno mom! <3 I love her....