April 27, 2009

Oh Glorious Day!

How was your weekend? I hope that everyone had a relaxing and fun time! When in Los Angeles I tend to be more of a recluse and hide away at the design studio making jewelry and cooking ALOT! This weekend though it was so fresh and beautiful we decided to go hiking on Saturday (at Griffith Park) and bike riding on Sunday. The skies were pure blue and there was not a cloud in sight! Now this is what draws most people to Los Angeles and I don't blame them - the weather was a spectacular 70 degrees and breezy. The first thing I bought when I opened the studio here was this cool 1970's Huffy that I found on Craigslist for $50 bucks! It doesn't go very fast but it sure is cute!

We decided to take our bikes as far west as we could go but we quickly got hungry and decided to stop at the mall....ha, talk about athletic! Shopping is my best sport! No, really we were super hungry! After getting falafels at the Century City we swung by to check out my jewelry at the new Neiman Marcus CUSP there. I'm not a big department store shopper but this Store/Boutique concept from Neiman Marcus is BEAUTIFUL! CUSP is the equivalent of Barney's Co-op and has all the top contemporary designers and denim lines as well as shoes, handbags, and jewelry. They really did a good job designing all their locations and the selection is perfect for the hippie-chic So-Cal lifestyle that is so popular here. Print dresses galore mixed in with fun accessories and YSL heels are very Los Angeleno. But with weather like this I don't blame people for wanting fun, easy clothing!

They had my necklace featured in a case on its own with some beautiful clutches and designer handbags. If you can't make it out to a CUSP store near you, they do have an online shop that carries everything in store at WWW.CUSP.COM and you can check out one of my pieces HERE (the Ruffian Volume 1 in nude).

While LA is sunny and beautiful, I'm really looking forward to New York at the end of the week! More details soooon!

April 24, 2009

Inspiration Everywhere....

Its that time again, I'm sitting here at my desk designing new pieces for next season...and looking at inspiration photos. Alot of times people ask me, "where does your inspiration come from?" I always wonder about this myself because for me designing and making new things spring simply from feelings that pop into my head. Usually, I just ask myself - what do I want to wear NOW?

Whether I am in design mode or not, I find myself looking out for ANYTHING that is interesting to me; photos, artwork, design, or street style. There is a natural curiosity and it constantly has to be fed! I rarely read fashion magazines, not because I don't care - just because I don't have enough of time to go out and buy them anymore! Whatever I decide to create each season usually has been "brewing" for a while. The fringe collection that is technically AW2009 (but is already in some stores now) was "brewing" since last summer! The timing just seemed right for 2009 so the ideas made it into a collection.

So today, while pondering more styles for Holiday/Resort 2010 (yes we make things that early!) I was looking over some photos that I took when I was in DC at the Smithsonian in November. My friend took me there on an afternoon trip and it was AMAZING! The Smithsonian is one of the greatest museums in the WORLD and I was thrilled to see the Gem and Jewelry exhibition! The exhibit was impeccable and I had no idea there were that many precious and semi-precious stones out there! They had the BEST mineral specimens from around the world and everything was perfectly detailed by name and family.

As you can see from the photos I took, the colors are breathtaking and the combinations are STELLAR. Only nature can create something so beautiful, so strong and yet incredibly fragile. I WAS IN HEAVEN. The funny thing too is, I don't use stones at all in my work. Only because I chose not too. I wanted to use materials in my line of jewelry that are not common so I removed the typical stones and beads from the equation. When you remove the typical materials, you will end up with a piece that is unique purely because you are forced to create something that is not traditionally thought of as "jewelry". The only stone I have ever used since the start of my line in 2005 is clear crystal and sometimes I will use pearls.

For my very first season, I eschewed color because I wanted to focus purely on the design of each piece. It was a challenge to myself to create things that were devoid of color. Mostly, I still try to stick to this principle because it fits into my own aesthetic, but also because it really shows off the purity of each design. However, as of late I have been adding more and more color to my collections. I try to keep it to a minimum but with inspiration like this I might have to go crazy next season!

We will see what comes out of the "brew" this time!

All my love for a fantastic weekend!

Le SuperCandy

April 22, 2009

Brand New Candace Ang Jewelry Now At BLUE GENES in Atlanta!!!

What's going on HOTLANTA!?? We are very happy to present several pieces from the Candace Ang 2009 Collection available now at the beautiful BLUE GENES boutique in Atlanta GA.

The coveted "Here Comes the Band" jewelry collection from Candace Ang can be viewed in store or ONLINE at www.shopbluegenes.com! Blue Genes also has several gorgeous pieces from Candace's other collections in store!

from the BLUE GENES website: "Jennifer Arrendale, Jane Arrendale Sims, and Julie Arrendale, sisters and co-owners, opened their designer boutique in August 2001 with a specific mission in mind. The three sisters followed their dream and brought Atlanta a chic jeans boutique aptly dubbed - Blue Genes.

Since it's opening, Blue Genes has expanded into a 7,000 square foot. mini-department store for men, women and kids.

It is their mission to bring to you of the moment trends from the hottest and freshest new designers. Blue Genes is a one-stop address for fashion addicts!"

Blue Genes
3400 Around Lenox Drive NE, Suite 214
Atlanta, GA 30326

Store Hours:
10:30am-7:00pm M-F
10:00am-6:00pm Sat.
1:00pm-5:00pm Sun.

April 18, 2009

The City Of Angels...

Hello Candy Lovers! I am back in the City of Angels to see what's going on over here and check on the production at my studio. We have alot of new jewelry going out to stores this month and I am so very excited about that!

Right now I am prepping a shipment for Bergdorf Goodman (yay!). The flagship New York establishment has just chosen to pick up our hair accessory line in addition to the Candace Ang Jewelry that has been selling out at 5F! So cool! So I am getting that ready and peeping out at the beautiful LA sunshine streaming into my studio....it is so peaceful here.

Everyone knows though, my sweet tooth is for the big city! Here are some more pics from my trip last week. I went to the showroom one last time to see the girls and bring over my favorite cheesecake....Eileen's!

This is me in front of my showroom display which was devoured by all the editors at the press event! Alot of jewelry was pulled for editorial so instead of seeing it here you will see it on the pages of upcoming magazines soon!

(Vintage Leather Moto Jacket/Thrifted from my secret vintage store in Vancouver, Tie Dye Jeans/Kill City, Jersey Scarf/H&M, Forientini Baker Boots with customized straps)

Speaking of magazines...look what I got in the mail today! I have jewelry featured in US WEEKLY! Thank god nothing scandalous...just a couple of sweet Ruffian Necklaces! Which you can get at my online shop www.candaceang.com (click SHOP!)

Hope that you all have a fun weekend. I've got to get this order to FedEx fast so I can enjoy the sun a little today :)


ps: I have been listening to the new U2 album and I love it! Have you heard it yet? I used to love them so much and then I stopped for a while because I was overdosing on Bono. Now I think I love them again! Going to the show in NYC! Its going to be stellar.... :P

April 16, 2009

I'm A Bad Candy.

I've been a very bad bad Candy! I have not blogged in soooo long! Sorry guys. I know, no excuses! But I have lots of great news to share with you and I promise I will get it all up here in the next few days!

I just got back from a stellar trip to visit my amazing new showroom in NYC and participated in a really cool PRESS EVENT we had there! I got to hang with my style-idol Kate Lanphear of Elle, the adorable Sarah Kuhn from Teen Vogue and sweet Melissa Lum from Lucky! All in all it was a fantastic day!

Please check out the w29 BLOG to see their take on the event.

Here is a little pic of me and "La Lanphear" - she was amazingly sweet and complimentary even though I was seriously girl crushing all over her gold oxfords! OMG!

Sending Love...