June 01, 2009

...and then my heart went BOOM BOOM BOOM.

At first glance this photo made me blush. In about 5 seconds my heart started beating a little faster... maybe because it also reminds me of these CL for Rodarte spike stilettos. One part Punk + One part Couture = Pure Sex.

One thing is that I don't do the Loubie. Nope, they don't fit me. Thank God? Maybe.....but give me a leather punch, a handful of screw-back spikes and about 20 mins and I have my greedy little paws on my own version. A quick fix.... faster than you can say pussycat. Does that mean I'm a good girl gone bad?

You'll only know if you're lucky.
Love. C.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    who shot the first image (that makes you blush)? looks like Ellen Von Unwerth work...

  2. I am not sure where the photo is from - I found it randomly online without a photog. credit. If anyone knows I would appreciate it! xx