July 08, 2009

I'm Baaccccckkkkk!

OK! Well hello there! How are you? I am finally back from a lovely vacation HOME to Vancouver! It was fantastic! I let myself get a little out of touch and into the fresh air and sea water. Drowning in sushi and raw oysters was a must, along with spending quality time with family and friends! How is everyone's summer so far?

Im happy to be back at work though....lots of new and exciting things coming your way! We are working on the new website which will be ready for Fall 2009. Also, we just shipped hair accessories and jewelry to Harvey Nichols, Bon Marche in Paris, and Urban Outfitters UK! So all you Euro-chic people can get some candy loving too! Let me know if you see the jewelry in shops and send me a photo!

I was catching up on my online blog reading and I found this! How dare Hayden get her adorable little paws on this AMAZING lace dress..... I am so jealous. If anyone knows the designer, please tell me so I can be more jealous that they thought of it first. Do you love it or hate it?


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  1. Welcome back. I'm seriously loving that dress!