February 24, 2009

Dear Lord, Please Make Me A Robot In My Next Life....

There are a handful things that I truly covet right now; Jennifer Connelly's eye brows, THESE Givenchy Shoes, and the ultimate desire would be to be a ROBOT - robot wardrobe and all! Oh, its hard to explain, but I just keep on seeing robot references everywhere. I was especially excited to pick up the new ELLE for March 2009 and notice that all the editorials are surprisingly fresh. I hardly read paper mags anymore but usually Elle has some nice market pages. But I was struck when I got to page 348 and Richard Bush's "Everything Is Illuminated" photoshoot with Dewi. Soooo cute: Photos from tFS

I LOVE the custom robot collar by Johanne Mills. Even better would be this helmet that I found on FFFFound! Does anyone know where to get one?

The best I could find was the Optimus Prime one - which I think I will pick up anyways just to play with the voice over machine! You can make your voice into a robot voice....hahahah how cool is that? Yes, I am dorky! I know....

And now my friends, I leave you with this: My Favorite Band of ALL TIME + Possibly one of the best movies EVER!!!!! = DM+TRON=<3


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  1. That'd be a Daft Punk helmet you're looking for (who by the way are making the soundtrack for the new tron movie). They're pretty rare and spendy and most people resort to building their own.