February 27, 2009

When She's Good She's Good (When She's Bad She's Better)

Ohhhhh, its Friday! I was sitting in the dreaded waiting room at the DMV this afternoon (can you believe they're not open on the weekend?) to get my DL renewed when I got the BEST phone call! It was M. at Diavolina calling me to say my Givenchy's went on SALE. Oh dear... I have been drooling over these babies for a while now and while there are newer bodies in the same silhouette (the SS09 LACE version) I knew these booties were meant for my feet when a) they are grey and black (pretty much the only colors I wear and b) they only had ONE pair in the store and they were my size (a ginormous 9.5 fellas!!). So when M. called I was there faster than you could say "Ricardo I Looooooove You" (Givenchy mastermind Ricardo Tisci that is).

I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! check them out - the heel is gorgeous and they are oh so robotic and almost hoof like! I know that's not sexy sounding but believe me these shoes are hot. They are more booties I suppose but the open toe really adds an edge and lightens them up on the foot so as to balance out the chunky wedge.

Funny, when I was trying them on I head a small voice calling me. It was a pretty, sweet voice, barely audible above the girls talking and the music....the voice was saying "Candace....look over here....I need you to take me home" oh, that sweet sound! It was coming from the spike heel/snake skin/ridiculously sexy Chloes over on the other side of the store! Oh, so needless to say, they came home with me as well. I can't find a pic of them on the net so I promise, outfit posts soon!

What are your weekend plans? I'm heading over to pick up TB from LeBlahg for some girlie time and happy hour!

Have a Happy Friday!

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