April 27, 2009

Oh Glorious Day!

How was your weekend? I hope that everyone had a relaxing and fun time! When in Los Angeles I tend to be more of a recluse and hide away at the design studio making jewelry and cooking ALOT! This weekend though it was so fresh and beautiful we decided to go hiking on Saturday (at Griffith Park) and bike riding on Sunday. The skies were pure blue and there was not a cloud in sight! Now this is what draws most people to Los Angeles and I don't blame them - the weather was a spectacular 70 degrees and breezy. The first thing I bought when I opened the studio here was this cool 1970's Huffy that I found on Craigslist for $50 bucks! It doesn't go very fast but it sure is cute!

We decided to take our bikes as far west as we could go but we quickly got hungry and decided to stop at the mall....ha, talk about athletic! Shopping is my best sport! No, really we were super hungry! After getting falafels at the Century City we swung by to check out my jewelry at the new Neiman Marcus CUSP there. I'm not a big department store shopper but this Store/Boutique concept from Neiman Marcus is BEAUTIFUL! CUSP is the equivalent of Barney's Co-op and has all the top contemporary designers and denim lines as well as shoes, handbags, and jewelry. They really did a good job designing all their locations and the selection is perfect for the hippie-chic So-Cal lifestyle that is so popular here. Print dresses galore mixed in with fun accessories and YSL heels are very Los Angeleno. But with weather like this I don't blame people for wanting fun, easy clothing!

They had my necklace featured in a case on its own with some beautiful clutches and designer handbags. If you can't make it out to a CUSP store near you, they do have an online shop that carries everything in store at WWW.CUSP.COM and you can check out one of my pieces HERE (the Ruffian Volume 1 in nude).

While LA is sunny and beautiful, I'm really looking forward to New York at the end of the week! More details soooon!

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