April 24, 2009

Inspiration Everywhere....

Its that time again, I'm sitting here at my desk designing new pieces for next season...and looking at inspiration photos. Alot of times people ask me, "where does your inspiration come from?" I always wonder about this myself because for me designing and making new things spring simply from feelings that pop into my head. Usually, I just ask myself - what do I want to wear NOW?

Whether I am in design mode or not, I find myself looking out for ANYTHING that is interesting to me; photos, artwork, design, or street style. There is a natural curiosity and it constantly has to be fed! I rarely read fashion magazines, not because I don't care - just because I don't have enough of time to go out and buy them anymore! Whatever I decide to create each season usually has been "brewing" for a while. The fringe collection that is technically AW2009 (but is already in some stores now) was "brewing" since last summer! The timing just seemed right for 2009 so the ideas made it into a collection.

So today, while pondering more styles for Holiday/Resort 2010 (yes we make things that early!) I was looking over some photos that I took when I was in DC at the Smithsonian in November. My friend took me there on an afternoon trip and it was AMAZING! The Smithsonian is one of the greatest museums in the WORLD and I was thrilled to see the Gem and Jewelry exhibition! The exhibit was impeccable and I had no idea there were that many precious and semi-precious stones out there! They had the BEST mineral specimens from around the world and everything was perfectly detailed by name and family.

As you can see from the photos I took, the colors are breathtaking and the combinations are STELLAR. Only nature can create something so beautiful, so strong and yet incredibly fragile. I WAS IN HEAVEN. The funny thing too is, I don't use stones at all in my work. Only because I chose not too. I wanted to use materials in my line of jewelry that are not common so I removed the typical stones and beads from the equation. When you remove the typical materials, you will end up with a piece that is unique purely because you are forced to create something that is not traditionally thought of as "jewelry". The only stone I have ever used since the start of my line in 2005 is clear crystal and sometimes I will use pearls.

For my very first season, I eschewed color because I wanted to focus purely on the design of each piece. It was a challenge to myself to create things that were devoid of color. Mostly, I still try to stick to this principle because it fits into my own aesthetic, but also because it really shows off the purity of each design. However, as of late I have been adding more and more color to my collections. I try to keep it to a minimum but with inspiration like this I might have to go crazy next season!

We will see what comes out of the "brew" this time!

All my love for a fantastic weekend!

Le SuperCandy

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