April 18, 2009

The City Of Angels...

Hello Candy Lovers! I am back in the City of Angels to see what's going on over here and check on the production at my studio. We have alot of new jewelry going out to stores this month and I am so very excited about that!

Right now I am prepping a shipment for Bergdorf Goodman (yay!). The flagship New York establishment has just chosen to pick up our hair accessory line in addition to the Candace Ang Jewelry that has been selling out at 5F! So cool! So I am getting that ready and peeping out at the beautiful LA sunshine streaming into my studio....it is so peaceful here.

Everyone knows though, my sweet tooth is for the big city! Here are some more pics from my trip last week. I went to the showroom one last time to see the girls and bring over my favorite cheesecake....Eileen's!

This is me in front of my showroom display which was devoured by all the editors at the press event! Alot of jewelry was pulled for editorial so instead of seeing it here you will see it on the pages of upcoming magazines soon!

(Vintage Leather Moto Jacket/Thrifted from my secret vintage store in Vancouver, Tie Dye Jeans/Kill City, Jersey Scarf/H&M, Forientini Baker Boots with customized straps)

Speaking of magazines...look what I got in the mail today! I have jewelry featured in US WEEKLY! Thank god nothing scandalous...just a couple of sweet Ruffian Necklaces! Which you can get at my online shop www.candaceang.com (click SHOP!)

Hope that you all have a fun weekend. I've got to get this order to FedEx fast so I can enjoy the sun a little today :)


ps: I have been listening to the new U2 album and I love it! Have you heard it yet? I used to love them so much and then I stopped for a while because I was overdosing on Bono. Now I think I love them again! Going to the show in NYC! Its going to be stellar.... :P

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