May 01, 2009

Hello East Coast....

Just landed in DC last night to visit some dear friends and then I am off to NYC for some weekend fun! Monday starts the D&A Holiday show in the city and we are showing a Resort/Holiday 2010 Preview for all to see! The new jewelry is amazing! I am so happy with it I can't wait to get more materials to design the complete collection. I have been working like mad to get this all together and I wish I could show you...BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!

I have a little hint though. The Atelier has been filled with feathers and feather bits for the past two weeks.....ahhhhchoooo!

For all my boutiques and editors (alas the show is not open to the public)
We will be showing with W29 Showroom at the D&A NYC on May 4, 5, & 6

More to report from the show!

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  1. Hey Supercandy,
    Good luck at the shows and looking forward to seeing more of your amazing creations that ROCK.