May 31, 2009

Saturday Nights Alright

Los Angeles, Saturday 12:48 am. About six hours ago I started making this dress right after polishing of an incredibly tasty chicken burger. Ha. I have to go to a black tie wedding reception a couple of weekends from now and I dunno what happened - I just decided to make a dress. Between chatting on the phone and putting around the house (baking cookies no less!) I finished this silk crepe gown, hem and all!

Couture Candace Ang Silk Crepe Gown, Wing Necklace from Resort 2009, and YSL patent heels

Of course I'm so tired that this is a really blurry pic but I didn't want to show EVERYTHING until the event. The cool thing about this dress is that its convertible, it can be worn draped as shown (very Grecian, Vivienne Westwood) or it can be worn loose like a Lanvin number. I was so frustrated shopping for gowns because everything out there is SO ugly! Especially if you don't want to pay over $1000 for a dress that you are really only going to wear once! I tried it on with my new YSL tributes in black patent leather which you probably can't see in my blurry pic and a new necklace from my Resort Collection - it looks like my hair but that black is actually feathers....

Ok I had better sleep! I think I am the only one in the city not out tonight but I kinda like it. Hope that you had a great start to your weekend!


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