May 27, 2009

I shop only for my first Love - New York....

Funny, when I am in The City I really don't shop at all - even though New York has the best of everything - there's just too much to do/people to see to really stop into stores unless I am visiting clients. I love to shop when I am home in Vancouver (my secret vintage store) and overseas so I can get something special. I also prefer to shop alone, only because I'm super fast - I know what I want when I see it!

Los Angeles is good for one or two things - mainly shoes and jeans. I have been fortunate to know enough friends in FASHION (pronounced FAH-SHON with some attitude and a wink) that I get loads of stuff just given to me or for jewelry trades. So really the clothes in my closet are super simple - tees and jeans, and vintage coats/bags. Of course there are multitudes of Candace Ang accessories and I mix these with vintage and antique jewelry.

I wear these almost everyday: Hand-made leather bracelet from a Hell's Angel biker in Soho, Diesel Men's Watch, Antique Snake Bracelet, Silver Bangle from Bermuda, Cheap Bracelets F21

Candace Ang Cielo Pearl/Silk Necklace - Perfect layered with a white tee...

In this new economy, I don't think people are shopping like they used to for sure. For me its about finding something special. That's why the jewelry I design looks like what it does - I want to create something that is specific to my vision and that you can't get just at any store.

The one underlying factor when I buy anything is "Will I wear it in New York?"- Because if it looks good in New York - it will look good anywhere! Of course, you can't always wear the same things in the city that you would wear in LA or Paris. I have whole closets set aside for things only for the city - Huge vintage Mongolian fur vests and coats, super high heels, crazy hats....anything goes!

Customized Soldiers Hat: H&M, added vintage crest and feathers par moi

That's what I love about dressing up (or down) there - there is a feeling of effortlessness but everyone does care about what they put on and everyone for the most part looks like an individual and super cool. Most other cities (read LA) you will people watch and find imprints of the same outfit over and over again (yawn).

Vintage fur coats (only vintage fur never new!) - cropped mongolian fur jacket from my secret store in Van, reworked leopard jacket with added fox collar originally from Haight street in SF.

To me dressing up is a form of expression, almost like a costume - theatrical, sexy, or just whatever you feel like that day. I don't take it too seriously, but at the same time I take great care putting myself together! Its fun, and also makes it fun for other people. Why look boring or like everyone else?

This weekend I was quickly visiting one of my old clients (Diavolina now on 3rd st) who so happens to also have some of the sickest shoes in the city and fell in love with THESE boots which came in both nude (my favorite all time wardrobe color) and black. OMFG. I whispered quietly to them "you are puuuuuurfect for New York...."

Believe it or not I have been looking for new black over the knee heels. Maybe crazy? No, I have a pair of Steve Madden boots that I wear ALL THE TIME and they are dying so I needed a replacement but its hard to find ones that are just right. The Chloes are a little more refined than I needed for clomping around the city but they didn't have my size in the black - but they did in the NUDE and I just couldn't resist! It is really hard to see in the photo, but the boots are SIIIIICK. Absolutely drop dead amazingly soft leather in the perfect color. Super super sexy but in this color they have a completely different look than black. I know something is good purchase when I wear it right away, and that night I wore them with tight faded jeans and a white t to an art opening. Ahhh, perfect. I'm already picturing them with a flippy mini and tank for the city. Maybe for a hot date? His heart will melt faster than butter on a hot summer day.....


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