May 11, 2009

New York Stories

I came back from The City late last night....Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely and utterly in love with New York and every time I go back I am reminded why. People say its the "energy" and I have to agree - the the cumulative spirit that lives in each and every person on that island is something truly unique. From the taxi driver taking me downtown to the coffee shop guy to the people on the streets walking their dogs to all my crazy and creative, ambitious friends...I just love how ALIVE everything is. I know that may sound overly romantic....but hey, its true! I have alot of stories to share about my trip but for now here are some phone pics I took...

Love this Graffiti on Lafayette

Under Brooklyn Bridge

Lady Liberty in the mist....

Where the cool kids are...

The only sunny day was the last

The Little Piglet

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cupcakes

The Chandelier I made that lives in Red Hook now :)

A Small Puppeh in the East Village

This is what I see first thing in the morning

I was craving pancakes ALL WEEK and my beautiful roomie made them for me!

Peonies are my FAVORITE flower (hint hint) and they only bloom in May.....

An even smaller puppeh!

So there's a tiny sneak peek. More to come! Hope that everyone had a great week and a very lovely Mother's day! My mom was so thrilled with the flowers I got her she's been texting me non-stop! ha, super techno mom! <3 I love her....


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