May 19, 2009

Inspiration, Manifestation and The Pin-Up Poet!

Hello from Sunny Los Angeles! After a bout with a very persistent cold that followed me from New York I am finally back in action here in LA prepping a new photoshoot for FW2009. No, I did not get the swine but there were a few moments last week when I thought I did! 9 days straight in New York of rain will do it to the best of us! By day four I was deathly ill....but its nothing that a little R&R couldn't fix. I spent the weekend relaxing and recovering by the pool (ok a few margaritas were involved but not too many!)

The other night when I was still quite sick, my friends had invited me to go to the beach with them (which we nixed after we got invited to go HERE for a dip in the new pool). I was getting ready for bed when it popped into my head - "I think I need a new Bikini"...which then turned into NO CANDACE YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SWIM SUIT because there is a pile of them in a suitcase under your bed! As I drifted off the sleep however, the little voice whispered...oh but it would be nice...In the morning I went to visit my neighbor for a coffee and while we were talking she motioned to a bag on the end table and said "I've got this new bikini but it doesn't fit - do you want it?"....and out peeped the CUTEST leopard print blue and purple (my favorite color) number that you have seen! (pictured above!) I took it home to try on and it fit PERFECTLY! The next day I was telling everyone how I had magically manifested this new suit....hahahah. Impressive no?

Isn't the view stunning? Everyone knows I am a city girl but on days like these a little poolside lounging can only be done on the top of Mulholland Drive!

Yesterday and today have been spent gathering inspiration images and this photo of my dear friend Andrea Grant (aka The Pin Up Poet) has always stuck in my head. Its mysterious, romantic, and sensual all at the same time. I love it!

If you get a chance also please check out Andrea's work - she is a writer, model, spoken word artist and also has her own comic book series MINX! Here she is with another dear friend Miss Jessica Ciarla ( Aren't they gorgeous!? I feel blessed to have such creative and beautiful friends! Since we all started our careers we have supported and helped each other along the way. I love you guys.....

Ok gotta get back to work and getting more inspiration for the shoot in two weeks! I'll keep you updated....

~ SuperCandy!

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  1. that view I want to be there in that pool. I want both LA and NYC!!! and all the designer support you mentioned is nothing short of a beautiful blessing. I hear Candy!!!