May 26, 2009

Easy does it....

I was booking plane tickets today for some upcoming travel and I can't believe it is ALMOST JUNE! That means 2009 is nearly half way through....amazing! Its been a crazy but monumental year for me (and alot of you I am sure). I am really looking forwards to the next 6 months of 2009; I have a crazy amount of work to do, some play (of course!) and whole bunch of FUN no matter what because I love my job!

June also means summer is officially here (at least in LA it is) and we have been spending a lot of time at the pool and enjoying relaxing weekends with good friends and good food. It seems like its all fun and games but with a hectic schedule its important to keep your routine pretty simple. I keep a few essentials handy in case I have to jump on a plane for work or head into the sun for play!

My top 5 face products these days are:

1) Jergens SPF 20 Lotion - I actually discovered that this lotion is deceptively light for a face lotion with an SPF and has a little tanner in it as well. I have super oily skin (a blessing! a curse!) and can't take too much but no matter what I slather at least an SPF 15 every time I leave the house. The gradual tint it gives is super light and very subtle but gives a nice glow without the harmful rays!

2) Prescriptives Traceless Skin Responsive Tint - Foundation is soooooo 1999! I'm old enough to remember those awful ones of the 90's that were so matte and cakey it was more like wearing a mask than makeup! This is not quite a foundation but gives super sheer coverage. It goes on light and completely disappears, only leaving perfectly fresh skin. It also has an SPF of 8 which is nice! Its been my favorite for the last two years and I don't think I'll give it up any time soon.

3) Cle de Peau Concealer Stick - For those late late New York/Paris/London nights and/or the Red Eye cross country this little baby is a must! Well worth the hefty price tag ($75 bucks ouch!) this little magic stick is the one and only concealer you will EVER need or use again! I got the tip from a makeup artist friend of mine and have turned so many girls onto it you won't believe! It lasts about a year and one tiny little dab will make all dark circles, spots, and anything you wanna hide just GONE!

4) Neutrogena Sunblock Stick - Ok I guess I'm getting a little crazy about the sun protection right? But I actually bought this because the packaging was so cute (its an inch and a half tall! Its pink!) and me with my oily skin, was thinking maybe it will be a little lighter than other sticks at SPF 60? I tried it last week and its lovely! Fresh smelling and super light (forumlated for babies...) and is a perfect touch up right after the pool on your face, lips, and decollete. Gotta keep what you got lookin' good! Some people say - ohhh its your asian skin - and I say noooo it's good genes and ALOT of sunscreen!

5) Philip Kingsley Elasticiser - The crowing glory to your pretty face is shiny, healthy poor locks have been looking less than stellar because of all the salt water (can't resist the pool is heated!) and dry Virgin America planes :( I was going to chop it but instead I prayed for a miracle, and I got one! My friend Noelle gave me this little pot last week and one little treatment brought everything back to life again! No chop chop for me....I'm pretty cheap when it comes to product but again, this will be the best $50 bucks spent because it saves your locks and a $200 dollar trip to the salon. Even better for me because I have to fly about 1500 miles to see my stylist! ahhhhh....

Here's to the best summer ever!
XXX SuperCandy

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